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  • Refinancing

  • Home refinancing is when you modify your existing mortgage into a new mortgage and begin new mortgage term with a new repayment schedule. With interest rates at historical lows, there are many reason why a person may want to refinance.

    Some of these reasons may include:

    • Lowering your monthly payment
    • Shortening your mortgage term
    • Consolidating high interest rate debt into 1 low payment
    • Locking in an adjustable rate to a fixed rate
    • Cash back for any purpose

    Get the best purchase loan for your situation. Discuss your financial goals with an expert Mortgage Specialist to understand your program choices so you are in the right mortgage loan from the start.

    Firstar Financial has earned a reputation of outstanding customer service, accurate upfront offers, and industry-leading closing times. Work with a professional who will answer all of your questions so you can refinance with confidence.